Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Day 8 of Detox

Wow, stayed up very late watching Lipstick Jungle – it really is so addictive, all those amazing clothes & accessories! This morning involved the weekly Bay walk with a friend which I always love. I munch on an apple and tamari almonds while I power walk as I need something light otherwise my energy fades. We fix all our problems, nut out business ideas and check out the eye candy all at the same time – love being a multi tasking female! Then a gym session which is always so much harder after a Bay walk. My legs were shattered and I am sure Jessie, who put my program together, is trying to make my booty resemble hers (she is from Jamaica so you can guess what her booty looks like). So I booked in a review of my measurements for the end of my detox to make sure I am focused and accountable.

Breakfast involved a smoothie of mixed berries, bonsoy, probiotic, aloe vera juice and flaxseed oil followed by a shot of herbs, a concoction of gut repair powders & vital greens with all my tablets as a final touch. Must admit, my brain is on fire and I feel really well. Usually I need a solid 8 hours sleep or I am rather irritable the next day. Last night I had 6 and I feel great. Mind you, a patient just called to tell me she was pregnant, we both screamed and laughed and cried. What a fantastic start to the day!

Lunch today was a beautiful IKU salad and white miso & cannellini tart. I think of IKU as my fast food on the run and 100% solid back up plan for any time. After a few business meetings today, I am starting to feel so much clarity with my plans. This must be the detox removing all those cobwebs from my brain and stimulating the neurotransmitters to fire more effectively! Dinner is a salad of rocket, cucumber, carrot, avocado and parsley with a small bowl of slow cooked vegetables.

Tip for the day: when lemons are in season and abundant, juice them into ice cube trays, freeze and put into plastic containers. Then, when you are detoxing, you can boil the kettle on rising, add your lemon ice cube and voila! Saves time, mess and energy – just what we like!

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