Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Day 3 of Detox

I am not sure if you have realised by now but organisation is the key to a successful detox. Do a pantry check – put everything you can’t eat into a box and hide it in the garage. Check the fridge/freezer and donate all “off the list” items to your friends – they will be appreciative and you won’t be tempted! Plan your weekly menu on a Saturday and then go to the market and buy everything you need for the week.

Go home and spend a few hours over the weekend cooking meals for the freezer. These will prove invaluable for those nights that you are home late or for that easy lunch option. I also recommend cooking a little extra for dinner and before you dish up your plate, put some in a take away container ready for lunch the next day. So think ahead, outside the square if you need to, and use the Girl Guide motto “be prepared”!

BTW, I have been taking vitamin C hourly and Andrographis compound and I feel so much better in 24 hours I can’t believe it. I also took my homeopathic acute remedy as soon as I felt congested and I think that made a world of difference. Ahh, thank goodness for natural medicine.

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