Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Day 16 of Detox

I can’t believe it but I am officially on fire! My did my usual weekly power walk around the bay with a friend, sorting out many business and personal focus points along the way. Then I stopped in at the gym to do a cardio session and nailed the rower – 10minutes and 24seconds! I asked Jessie what I should be aiming for and she burst my bubble and said less than 10 minutes. Oh well, there is definite improvement.

There was very little in the fridge for breakfast so I managed some gluten free cereal with fruit and I love apple juice on it instead of any type of milk. I have limited my dairy and wheat since I was about 11. I had intolerance testing done then and came up strongly for these. I am fine if I only eat a little but if I overindulge I become horribly bloated and sluggish. So I grew up with rice and oat milk and rarely had wheat. It was much harder back then as we didn’t have all the wonderful alternatives that are available now. I love spelt pasta and being such a foodie I am fussy when it comes to these things!

Lunch was on the run and consisted of fruit, tamari almonds, rice cakes with avocado and herbal tea. I have been looking at dragon fruit a lot lately so I must try some. I just had an achacha and it would make a wonderful sorbet – very tangy, slightly sour and full of bite. I will leave a couple on the window sill and see if they become sweeter. My tomatoes are growing at a dismal pace but I check them daily and talk to them quite often. I will give them some rescue remedy as it is a new moon and the perfect time to encourage growth.

I then worked on business plans and did some shopping for supplies. Tonight it is kingfish with a salad of snow peas, rocket and avocado. All the visitors have left so my food will be easier now – I only need to organise for myself which seems so simple!

Thought for the day “All that you are is the result of all you have thought” spoken by Buddha. Basically thought results in action and that reflects who you are. I love this and feel much aligned to it.

The dandelion root has my bowels back to normal so I won’t need to have a colonic. I am also ovulating so hence feel great and full of beans. I had a salt scrub and massage today to celebrate the half way point of my detox. I thoroughly recommend having small rewards along the way to encourage and motivate you. It is about self care once again and believing in optimum health, not average health. And it is important to invest in yourself and be the best person you can be. It will enhance all your relationships and also influence the opportunities that come your way. You become more attractive on all levels and begin attracting what you need

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