Sunday, February 14, 2010

Day 12 of Detox

Well, silly me had a cup of freshly grated ginger tea at 6.30 and then went to the gym. The humidity felt up around 75% and then the ginger kicked in and it felt 100%. I can’t believe I would do that – I was just dripping with sweat and usually I am not the sweaty type. So perhaps it is a great detox tip – why don’t you try and then let me know how you found it. BTW – my time this morning on the rowing machine was 11minutes and 32 seconds so not my best performance!

I made an antioxidant packed smoothie for everyone this morning which included double the usual amount of berries, oat milk for a change, flaxseed oil and sheep’s yoghurt. Alana, who is 14 months, just couldn’t get enough as it was quite sweet with all the berries.

I went off to clinic and snacked on apples and detox tea then had my frozen lunch back up of red cabbage, cannellini beans and vegetables. Despite the heat, my appetite certainly doesn’t suffer so I need to ensure I have food available all the time. My favourite right now is Tamari almonds – I tend to eat so many that I can’t face them for a few weeks and then I repeat the process.

For dinner I was inspired by produce. Often when I am looking for ideas of what to make I simply go to the organic shop, look at what jumps out at me and screams “eat me!” and off I go. There was white asparagus, baby endives, mini water cress and a whole heap of beautiful things.

So I settled for grape tomatoes, snow peas, fresh peas, goat’s fetta and spearmint with a simple dressing of lemon juice, extra virgin olive oil and seasoning. It was wonderful – the spearmint was a mouth explosion in amongst the other flavours and I promptly put this salad into the memory bank. I also made a salad of rocket, butter lettuce, avocado, parsley and my all time favourite, fennel. Fennel is just so versatile – roast it in winter, salads for summer. So I teamed these colourful salads with BBQ wild salmon fillets and used the last finger lime to make a salsa (see day 10).

So now I am sipping spearmint, fresh ginger and lemon tea. I think I may make an iced version as it would be beautiful with some mineral water when everyone else is swilling their wine. The family are here and we have organised an early morning swim followed by a gym visit for me and then clinic. I have never been to the beach with Olivia, my adored niece, so I can’t wait to watch her face!

My detox program is going well and I have all the supplements down pat now – I stagger them throughout the morning as I can’t fit them all in at once! I don’t think that any patient has taken as many herbs and supplements as I do. I honestly believe that if I can’t do something myself then I would never ask a patient to do it. So, trust me when I say that I have experienced all the things that I prescribe and advise!

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