Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Day 15 of Detox

Last night I had a detox bath. That involves 10 minutes of dry body brushing followed by ½ soak in an Epsom salt bath with lavender essential oil. I always sleep like an angel afterwards but also wake feeling alert and refreshed. I took the opportunity while I am at Golden Door to utilise the spa and steam room – 20 minutes in both. I do the spa first and put a jet on my thighs and butt, taking it in turns to do both sides. The steam room is where I meditate as I can maximise my diaphragmatic breathing in there. One day I will have a therapeutic steam room where I can steam herbs for their health benefits as well. I love this therapy and believe that the effects can prolong and enhance quality of life.

In my shower I turned the setting to jet and gave my thighs and butt another massage then a blast of cold to make me really feel alive! My skin is so smooth today I can’t believe it. It must be the combination of all the omega 3 fish oils I take and the spa like treatments I have been doing over the last 24 hours. I have only ever felt like this once before and that was after a whole day at the Ginseng Bath House in Sydney where I was scrubbed and pummelled within an inch of my life!

I have been taking shots of the herb dandelion root to help my bowels and the huge breakfast serving of fruit with lots of figs will also help. I was at Golden Door today so I had to resort to my frozen casserole for lunch. I still love the lentils and vegetables but I need to do another batch of soup this week to stock up again. I can’t wait until my detox program is delivered to my door – no need for shopping or too much cooking!

The therapeutic benefits of eating organic whole foods cannot be underestimated. I had a patient today who had been through chemotherapy and was incredibly deficient in nutrients. He had not been given any dietary advice pre chemo and I explained to him the need for his body to be alkaline and well oxygenated. Cancer thrives in a cellular environment that is acidic and poorly oxygenated. One of the best ways to alkalise your body is to practise diaphragmatic breathing. I do seminars on this subject and believe passionately about the benefits involved. It is also beneficial for stress management and prevention of anxiety and insomnia.

Dinner consisted of three apples whilst driving home. Not ideal but I always feel a little bloated when away from home so a light dinner is a must. Two of the apples were a new variety called Abbas. They are small, just perfect for a child’s lunchbox and quite sweet.

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