Sunday, February 21, 2010

Day 19 of Detox

Ok, so my aim for this detox was to get back on track with my exercise after a very lazy Christmas period. I also aim to include a complete gut repair program which includes a parasite cleanse. Then I will do a heavy metal chelation program towards the end. So for the first week or so I focused on making sure my bowels were working really well and taking anti parasite herbs with probiotics as well as liver herbs ( and a few dozen peripheral things as well!). Then Imoved the focus onto gut repair and a liver cleanse.

I also journal my dreams as often I receive intuitive messages via them. Once I was told to take a B vitamin in my dreams, I had pathology done and lo and behold I was deficient! I definitely do an emotional cleanse – I think about the last 6 months and what has negatively affected me. This detox I wrote a letter, posted it and immediately felt lighter and that the issue was resolved.

So here is a list of what I take (you will never again ask me why you need the 5 different things I give you!):
Liquid detox herbs, individually formulated amino acids that upregulate detoxification pathways in the liver, probiotics, aloe vera juice, anti parasite tablets, high potency antioxidant, zinc, magnesium, a multi, CoQ10, fish oils, a powder for gut repair ( glutamine, slippery elm etc), powdered greens for alkalising and of course chlorophyll. I am sure I have forgotten something but I guess you get the idea.

Detoxing must be individually formulated in order to get the best results. A 23 year old girl is going to have completely different requirements to a 55 year old man. I utilise Live Blood Analysis in clinic to help me do this. It is a wonderful tool and I can see exactly what needs focusing on, whether that is liver, digestion etc. I also test all my patients for zinc deficiency, do a tongue analysis and then iris analysis if I need to clarify a point.

So, since day 8 of my detox people have been commenting on how good I look. By now I feel positively fantastic – my eyes are very white, my irises become more hazel than brown, my skin is glowing and energy levels are 10/10.

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