Sunday, February 14, 2010

Day 13 of Detox

What a way to start the day – I was at Bondi by 8am and it was already 30C! The water was bracing and so refreshing. We stayed in until I started feeling cold and I just kept thinking –this is cooling my blood down! Olivia was hysterical and every time the water touched her, she would suck in her tummy, pant and wriggle every limb. The humidity is getting to everyone and lack of sleep is starting to show. We all went for coffee afterwards and I played with Olivia while everyone sipped on their caffeine.

Then off to the gym and despite the soaring temperatures I beat my rowing record – best time is now 11 minutes 8seconds. I think if there was someone rowing on the machine next to me my competitive side would come into the fore and I am sure I could get the time under 10 minutes. My brother and I have organised a staff competition involving the bike, treadmill and rower so hopefully my training will pay off.

The breakfast smoothie for everyone: berries, banana, flaxseed oil, aloe vera juice, oat milk and probiotic. I topped it off with an apple then made tracks to clinic. My appetite has decreased and I am not sure if it is because of the heat or because I am feeling bloated and sluggish today. It is very unusual for me to feel constipated and not a good thing on a detox as you tend to reabsorb the toxins from the large intestines instead of excrete them. If things don’t improve I will go for a colonic.

I have some watercress soup for lunch and I had forgotten how beautiful it is. Dinner was again salmon with salad – you can see what has happened. Everyone is here visiting me and having BBQs, socialising and drinking. I am still busy working and making sure everyone has what they need and my food has gone a little out the window. It is still organic, wonderful and healthy but I am repeating meals more than I would like. I am rather happy that things have gone this well but still it’s not ideal.

Today I found another wonder ingredient – achacha. It is a fruit that has only recently made its way into Australia. Traditionally it is grown in Bolivia and its name literally means “honey kiss”. I will eat it in the morning so will give you my low down. The University of Sydney are currently doing a nutritional analysis of it but so far it is definitely high in vitamin C, B2 and B9. It comes from the same family as mangosteen which has serious antioxidant properties.

Over the last few days I have been making constant rounds of fresh ginger tea, adding spearmint and lemon and allowing it to cool and then refrigerating it. I took a bottle of this to dinner tonight and asked for some feedback and it was loved! The general consensus was – in a pitcher, lots of ice, fresh lime/lemon slices and either plain or added to mineral water. As I have drunk 4 litres of water today it is so great to drink something with flavour!

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