Saturday, February 27, 2010

Day 26 of Detox

My little gorgeous niece has learnt how to crawl! I am planning on popping in for a demonstration on the way to clinic so will add a photo of her in action. My brother has been frantically coordinating the expansion of his physiotherapy business. He has relocated to huge premises and is opening on Monday. I will be practising there and also running my HypnoBirthing classes weekly. I am very excited about this as I know he will create an awesome space with a lot of great energy.

I stayed up till 1am working, as did my cat Simba (see picture), so I slept until my book keeper phoned at 9am! I haven’t slept in that late for ages but I must have needed a catch up.

Apparently it is going to be filthy hot this weekend and I have a Reiki course all day tomorrow so I won’t be able to go to Bondi early morning for my swim. As I missed the gym this morning, I will go for a swim at Golden Door when I arrive tomorrow night.

Breakfast was cereal, fruit and yoghurt – for some reason on this detox I haven’t been eating many eggs. I could make frittata for lunch or dinner quite easily as it is a great protein source but eggs don’t appeal at the moment. Lunch was left over salad from dinner which I snacked on between seeing patients.

I had a social outing this evening which is probably the first big one for 3 weeks. I felt good about it before I went – I am not tempted by alcohol or bad food. The only thing I was concerned about were the options available for dinner! I have generally found that most restaurants and pubs can serve a piece of grilled fish with salad or vegetables. I always ask for dressing on the side and no sauce on the fish, just a lemon wedge. As far as drinks go I have mineral water with fresh lemon or lime - that is easy to access.

Did I tell you that my tomato plants have shrivelled up? I am trying to revive them but it is looking grim. I rang my grandma to ask for some emergency tips but she didn’t have any new ones for me.

Tomorrow I have my Reiki course so that should be great. I am curious as to how I will find it – I am not into fluffy stuff and while I am a big believer in energetic systems (think chakras, chi, prana etc) I need the scientific side as well. Will let you know how I go!

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