Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Day 1 of Detox

Oh dear – day 1 can be so challenging! I must admit that I went out for dinner last night with some beautiful friends who love food as much as I do. Well, we ate and drank some amazing tastes and I farewelled all the lovely things that I was about to cease – meat, wheat, dairy, alcohol, caffeine and sugar to name the main culprits. I am used to this feeling of initial loss – it happens three times a year! I have been detoxing twice a year for a month as well as a mid winter 7 day detox for many years now.

The reason I am passionate about detoxing is because of how I feel at the end – incredible energy, crystal clear mental clarity and very connected mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically. You can’t buy that in a jar! It takes commitment and organisation to make it work but I have never yet had a patient say they didn’t feel much better at the end.

I advise you to tell all and sundry that you are about to embark on your detox. This way, your friends and family will be less likely to sabotage your efforts. They will know that instead of going to the pub on Sunday, you will meet them for a yoga class. Keep your social duties light while Justify Fulldetoxing – there will always be something on but don’t despair. You won’t be living in a bubble but you can socialise in different ways that are more aligned with your detoxification goals.

So, today is a day to drink lots of water, maybe experience a headache that is dull and annoying ( caffeine withdrawal!) and take it easy. Over the next 4 weeks you will be walking through my detox and hopefully it will make your easier as you pick up tips along the way.

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