Thursday, February 18, 2010

Day 17 of Detox

I had my usual hot water with lemon when I woke up and I tend to sip it as I check emails. I had an achacha and a white nectarine to start and then my breakfast smoothie which was just amazing – wait for it! The ingredients were oat milk, probiotic, passionfruit, banana, berries, pureed apple with cinnamon and flaxseed oil. I love this start to the day as it provides energy as well as protein.

I have noticed in the last few days that I am starting to get bruises again. My ferritin levels are always low (max 33!) so it is something I keep an eye on. I need to take iron supplements with digestive enzymes during my period and I forgot this month. As I am not eating meat either, my levels must have dropped and the symptoms are returning. Mainly I have easy bruising and dizziness. My energy levels are still great but I am putting so many incredible things into my body I am not surprised! I will focus on more iron foods such as parsley, figs and prunes.

I took some more fruit to work to snack on as I love lychees and white nectarines at the moment. Lunch was at the ever faithful IKU and I always enjoy their food. You can feel the goodness making its way into your cells. I become very sensitive during a detox, both physically and energetically. It feels like my body isn’t clouded with excess “stuff” and is operating the way it did 2,000 years ago when we were running from dinosaurs! I think with caffeine, as much as I adore it, my adrenals run overtime and I tend to thrive on nervous energy. That can be a positive thing i.e. a great motivator but it can also be negative thing as I can tend to feel ungrounded and scattered.

Dinner was wild salmon fillets on the BBQ with my yummy finger lime salsa. To accompany it I made a salad of rocket, cucumber, parsley and sheep’s milk fetta. I love my dinners and am thriving on all the fish I eat. I think it is the omega 3 essential fatty acids but also the higher protein levels seem to suit me as well.

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