Friday, February 5, 2010

Day 5 of Detox

I had a huge day at work today and thankfully I was well prepared with my food. I had a hearty breakfast of scrambled eggs with parsley and zucchini. I use oat milk for this as it has a lovely flavour. I have plenty of dried apricots, tamari almonds and Brazil nuts to snack on so that kept me going between patients. Lunch comprised of some split pea soup that I made on the weekend – love those easy options!

I want you to also be doing an environmental detox – assess your home, the products that are used with in it and check exactly what is in the products you are putting on your skin. Your skin is not water proof – it is a soluble surface and chemicals will be absorbed through the pores.

I also bought a combined ioniser/oil burner today which I have been wanting for ages. It is firstly an essential oil diffuser but it uses ultrasonic waves at a high frequency to disperse water and oils into the air. This technique means that you don’t have to use much essential oil and the smell lasts a long time. It is, secondly, an ioniser which improves air quality through the release of negative ions in the air (which we also receive from the ocean and rainforests). This is health promoting and helps to reduce airborne toxin exposure. Thirdly it is a humidifier which combats the drying effect of heating and air conditioning. Lastly, I turn it on in the morning when I get up and it goes for 16 hours straight – no changing of candles, adding more essential oils or burning dry.

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