Monday, February 22, 2010

Day 20 of Detox

So, this morning I weighed myself at the gym and it seems that my weight is the same as when I started. I haven’t used these scales before so it will be interesting to see what Jess has to say at my reassessment in 10 days. I know my body is much more toned and my muscle mass has increased. My wobbly bits are less wobbly and in fact I feel good at the beach now. I wouldn’t like to do a Pamela run across the soft sand but none the less I could do a stroll comfortably!

I went to the gym and hit 10 minutes 43 seconds on the rower so a little behind my best time. My technique with all the exercises is much better and I really concentrate to get that right before I go for repetitions. Once I finish this detox I may ask jess to split my program so I can do upper body one day then lower body the next. This makes for a very efficient workout as it is quicker but harder.

I had a breakfast of gluten free muesli with a heap of summer fruit (love passionfruit right now), sheep’s milk yoghurt and apple juice. I then went to the organic markets and picked up some fresh produce for the next week. I found those little Abbas apples again and they are just gorgeous. I also bought two big bunches of flowers for myself – I have a tradition to make sure I do this regularly. I am a herbalist after all and flowers make me smile – both visually and olfactory.

Lunch was on the run – a shop bought salad of spinach and pumpkin – I am definitely a better chef so I need to be more organised! Clinic was flat out which I love and then I came home to BBQ some fish and make a salad for dinner.

Did I mention the importance of eating organic whilst detoxing? It is fundamental that you do not add to your toxin load at this time as you will not release any stored toxins. This is the core point of a detox. Have a read of my book for more information on this as it will make or break your experience.

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