Wednesday, January 6, 2010

A Take Away Coffee Cup for The Modern Girl

Ok, so most of us buy a take away coffee on a regular business day. My criteria up until now has been NO styrofoam, definately Fair Trade and a splash of dashing barista smile. Little did I realise that the world of T/A coffees was about to be revolutionised until I popped in to O Organic and saw their Keep Cups. These nifty little numbers are 100% recyclable, have a 4 year lifespan (that's longer than any barista!), are lightweight, durable & travel friendly.

And based on my current coffee consumsption, if I use a Keep Cup, I will save 416 paper cups annually as well as 1kg plastic lids, 5kg of landfill and 429mjs of energy - now this simply has to define sustainable!

So for this eco girl, I now have a Keep Cup in car, both clinics and home!

Thanks Mick at O Organic for his winning barista smile.



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  1. I love this idea, where can I get one of these?