Sunday, January 17, 2010

Cook Book and Recipe Survey

Do you have a favourite cook book or recipe ?

I have been collecting recipes and receiving and buying cook books since primary school. While our schoolmates played games at lunch time, my girlfriend and i would sit together and read recipes from magazines and play grown ups pretending if we had a large family to feed what would you cook them for dinner! Most days we recipe exchanged, menu planned and picked out our favourite recipes and just laughed at how much fun it was going to be when we got older to cook these meals for our friends and family.
Today, i often think back to those sweet childhood memories wondering how can I bring back the joy of picking a meal without having to worry about food allergies, how much fat, sugar, salt is in each dish and have i got enough vegetables and or protein in the recipe ? How do you maximise the flavour and eye appeal of the recipe ?
I would have to say that i have hundreds of cooks books and thousands of recipes for inspiration in my collection but who's counting! Cook books and recipes come in various styles depending on how a author would like to present their work.
To me having that special family favourite recipe is priceless !
Happy Cooking and Keep Well Everyone !
Mich xx
Text Copyright Michelle Thrift 2010

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