Monday, January 18, 2010

Cup of Tea Anyone?

Everyone knows how much I love a cup of therapeutic herbal tea and now I have found the absolute answer to my busy days! T-Sac Disposable Tea Filters.

Enjoy loose leaf tea in these convenient, simple to use, and ecologically friendly tea infusers! The T-Sac filters are ideal for those who dislike the mess commonly associated with loose-leaf tea - that's most of us! Uniquely designed with a gusseted bottom which allows the tea leaves to completely unfurl, thus increasing the flavour and strength of the tea. T-sac tea filters also have a paper flap which is perfect for tucking under the lid of a tea pot or a travel mug.

Best of all, they are made from 100% natural, unbleached, and chlorine free paper. As I make my own Rejuvenation Tea, which is a loose leaf organic blend, these tea filters are the perfect accompaniment to make a quick cup. I used to have to brew up a pot, which often meant that I would be wasting tea – a thing of the past now. Whoever invented these little beauties gets my thumbs up for practicality and sustainability! I usually find them in a Japanese tea shop or order them online.


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