Monday, January 4, 2010

Sugar-Free Dark Chocolate

As some of you may remember i am a big fan of chocolates especially good quality rich dark 70% . I enjoy little pieces regularly and for me the more bitter in taste the better.
I have found a chocolate that is sugar free and I absolutely love it! Over the holidays i made chocolate and almond sweets and chocolate coated prunes and received great comments by my guests and everyone wanted to know what chocolate had I used - they all loved the taste and texture .. so here it is...the secret is out; this chocolate not only tastes great but is also good for you!

Well Naturally Sugar Free Dark Chocolates
'0% sugar...70% cocoa...100% taste!'

Rich dark chocolate
70% cocoa
Natural antioxidants
No chemical sweeteners
No artificial colours and flavours
Low in carbohydrates
Low GI for slow release energy
Gluten free

Vitality Brands Worldwide have caramel, mint, Valencia orange, rich dark 70% chocolate bars to choose from and other products in the range; check out the website for further details.

This chocolate can be found at leading supermarkets in the health food aisle and health food stores.

So after your detoxing this holiday season, try a bar and see if you too become a fan.

Eat chocolate in moderation with a healthy balanced diet and exercise program.


Mich xx

Picture and some text supplied by Vitality Brands Worldwide.
Remaining text copyright michelle 09.

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