Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Books for Cooks

I had only 2.5 days in Melbourne this Christmas week and a list of all the things that i wanted to do and something that i have meaning to do for several years now was to visit a very special shop in Fitzroy called "Books for Cooks".

I entered into this amazing store full of rows and rows from floor to ceiling from wall to wall of cook books, i was in cook book heaven!

About Cooks for Books - they are Australia's specialist independent new & second-hand cookery book store; run by cooks & lovers of good food for cooks & lovers of good food. Have over 28,000 new, out-of print, second-hand & antiquarian cookery books & food & wine related titles in stock (five rooms, floor to ceiling jam-packed).

Have Australia's largest culinary book collection for sale. Whilst they can't stock every cook book there is, we try to stock every good cook book, new & old, we can find. They have books for professionals, students, enthusiastic amateurs, novices as well as children.
But they are not just about cookbooks. They also have books on food writing, food history, food science, wine writing, food & wine guides & just about any other food related area you can think of.

So, if your after that particular food & wine book for someone special in the near future than this is the spot to go first!

It is worth a look if your a foodie...


Mich xxx

A picture and some text supplied by Book for Cooks.
Photography and remaining text copyright michelle 09


  1. OMG, I love this place! The last time I went there I became so carried away and inspired I came out with an armful of books - old and new. The old books were really beautiful and as they stock alot of out of print books, I promise you, you will be in there for hours. You might like to grab a nice glass of vino at the Gertude Street Enoteca just up the road......what a great afternoon! Emm xxx

  2. Yes, it's great - isn't it! I loved Books for Cooks... and also did find my way to En-Techa (Wine Library). i sat eat and drank in the atmosphere! just lovely! Can't wait to go back ... M x