Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Product of the Week - Steady Stick Water Bottles

Refill and Reuse - that's the message that I want to share with you today. I spent many summers on the beautiful island of Ithaki, Greece, and by the end of the season, horrible plastic water bottles would line the coastal roads!

We all know what BPA plastic does to us - it’s carcinogenic and slowly poisons every little cell. BPA is not a molecule that you want floating around in your body and you need to avoid it. Quite a few water bottles that I have looked into have a thin, clear plastic inner lining that contains BPA so make sure that yours doesn’t. Steady Stick water bottles are made from BPA free hard plastic with technology pioneered in the States in 2008. There are no petrochemicals in Steady stick bottles – yay!

Just fill these reusable bottles each week and quench your thirst in all the places where you typically buy or carry bottled water. I add chlorophyll to mine for alkalizing and coconut water for electrolytes – amazingly beneficial for your health. Support the reduction of plastic waste. Save money and the environment. Go ahead... reduce bottles!

Apart from being an organic nut, I am also a carbon friendly kind of girl! So, these bottles receive “Product of the Week”. If you have a fav product that you would like in this category just post a comment.

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  1. Available online at or About Life stores in Rozelle and Bondi.