Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Aurora Spa Retreat

Hi Ladies,
Happy Holidays to you. Hope Santa was good to you all?

A few days before Christmas day i was in Melbourne visiting friends and decided that i needed a unique experience of total body bliss to start to wind down after a busy year and get myself prepared for holidays and year ahead ... Aurora Spa Retreat .... 2 Acland Street St Kilda VIC.

If you are looking for total body pampering and relaxation then this place is for you. Located, Level 1, The Prince Hotel it has everything you need. They offer a wide selection of treatments and club memberships. I treated myself to the 1 hour Relaxation Full Body Massage, however i would love to work my way through the entire treatment list....hint hint !

However, the 1 hour Relaxation Full Body Massage was just what i felt like and it was soothing and complete. I cleansed my soul with lush cups of herbal tea's throughout the treatment and simply absorbed the angelic peaceful atmosphere.

Kitya Karnu means "Salty Stones". Aurora's signature treatment "Kitya Karnu" - while you lie in the steam room they apply your chosen essential oils, followed by Himalayan salt exfoliation, then a wattleseed protein polish and placement of cool river stones over the meridian lines of the body. Treatment continues with a facial cleanse and hydration mask and ends with a hair treatment, scalp massage and a refreshing seasonal hydrating mist sprayed over the body.

The Therapeutic value of having this treatment is that it boosts circulation, removes dead skin cells, stimulates skin, hydrates the scalp, hair and face.

Doesn't this sound wonderful - I know that definitely I'll be having this treatment next time I visit the team at Aurora !

Mich xx
Photo and some text supplied by Aurora Spa Treatment remaining text copyright michelle 09

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