Monday, December 14, 2009

What colour am I ?

Reaching vitality is not just about eating the right food it is also about your lifestyle - the way you lead your life, both in your appearance and image and stress management practices. I was lucky enough to recently be a guest at a Make-up and Colour day, inspired by the book "What colour am I ? by Chris Rewell. I learnt about what hair, jewellery and fabric colour suit my skin tones and it was a fantastic day, i wish i had done something like this 10 years ago, but never mind you move forward and since completing the day course, everyday i have had someone comment on how nice i look. I didn't think that changing the colour of your make-up or the tones in your outfit or choosing the right colour jewellery to wear would make such a difference but it has. Thank you to Vicki and Annie (Consultants) for the day and Chris Rewell for her book "What colour am I? ". For more information about Chris Rewell - Image Consultants visit; and for information about the book visit;

Take care everyone... Mich xx

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