Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Organic Wine to Celebrate the Festive Season!

I must say that I do love a nice glass of wine or bubbles and the upcoming festivities have really had me searching. I have found a few picks that I wanted to share with you. Rosnay have just released the first organic sparkling rose which is sumptuous, matched perfectly with a Sydney rock oyster or two. Then there is the Tamburlaine sav blanc which I adore with a salmon carpaccio or a fennel salad. Tamburlaine is conveniently located opposite the Golden Door Health Retreat where I run detoxification programs - the irony kills me! But, organic wines are a must - a report just released by the Pesticide Action Network found that hazardous pesticides were found in many samples of conventional wine. My last pick is Coates organic rose which is a more full bodied wine - gorgeous with a slice of melon wrapped in proscuitto.

So, go ahead and enjoy the festive season with a glass of organic wine in hand! Merry Christmas to you and your family,

Emm xxx

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  1. Thanks for sharing Emm. I can't wait to try all the organic wines you mentioned! Have a lovely Christmas break! Charlotte xx