Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The True Food Guide for 2010 is Here!

I am an absolute fan of the True Food Network and wait for their guide with baited breath. They save us all the work of trying to determine what foods are GE(genetically enginered)free. So, with my trusty little guide in my hot little hand, I have been able to negotiate my shopping with ease!

Australia currently has limited labelling laws for GE foods. That's where the Truefood Guide
comes in handy. The Guide rates food brands and products as Green (GE-free) and Red (may contain GE ingredients).You can browse or search for brands on the right-hand side. The Guide is also available for download or you can order a convenient wallet-sized hard copy.

Buy Green - Companies and supermarkets listed as green have implemented policies and procedures throughout their supply chain to actively avoid ingredients derived from GE crops.

Avoid Red - The companies and supermarkets listed in the red section of the guide may have products that contain ingredients derived form GE crops

Remember, the only way to safely avoid GE foods is to eat organic. We have yet to see any long term research on the effects of GE foods so until I am convinced that GE foods are safe, then I will be choosing to eat organic food. With love and awareness, Emma xxx

PS This video is absolutely fabulous - you will actually LOL!

Emma xxx

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