Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Organic Restaurant Review

Hi All, a couple of weeks ago i went to lunch at Agape and meet the Executive Chef Simon Lawson, who came across as a down to earth, humble and very creative chef. His restaurant has a elegant but sophisticated stylish feel and the decor and lighting is both welcoming and comfortable. The lunch dishes used produce in season and was simple and delicious, offering pasta, pizza, soup and salads to name a few. His dishes and restaurant inspired me to go home and cook organically. I have not always eaten organically but have started recently been inspired by Emma and definitely can taste and feel the difference from a health perceptive. Agape is well worth a visit. Simon mentioned his client base is mainly locals but is stretching further a field and he is excited that his fairly new restaurant is doing so well. Congratulations Simon and well done on a cool concept. See you again soon Simon for my next fix of goodness.
Take care and eat well everyone!
Mich xxx


  1. Sounds fantastic Mich! Do you think they would open on a Sunday lunch as I am looking for a birthday venue in early Dec. Also, lets support them and become members - love their philosophies and of course the name alone gives me warm fuzzies! Emm

  2. Hi Emm, Happy to support Simon and his team. I know they are open for lunch and dinner but you may want to call Apage and see if you can book a table for sunday lunch. Sounds good. Enjoy. Michelle