Tuesday, November 17, 2009


It is 6 weeks to Christmas...and to me when i start to think about the festive season, i think about Cherries. As a child growing up i selected Cherries one by one from the produce containers at the market or supermarket for our Christmas feast and it was so much fun and something special that i looked forward to each year but a few years ago i went to Young, NSW and picked Cherries from the Cherry trees at a Cherry Farm and it was such a terrific experience - i ended up with a huge bucket of Cherries but i think this year as we are spoilt with so much choice at local farmers markets that I'll be buying cherries locally from local farmers.
Cherries come in many varieties and types from a sweet to a sour to a combination of sweet and sour. I like eating the sweet ones and cooking with the sour ones. When picking your Cherry look for plump, shiny skins with stems attached that is not blemished, broken or bruised. I like to store Cherries in a plastic bag in fridge until ready to eat, then wash and eat or cook. Cherries generally only keep for a few days so best to buy them as you need. The good thing about Cherries is that they are a nice balance to eat around Christmas time when we are surrounded by cakes, puddings, biscuits and pies...I say "fill up on Cherries instead" as mentioned by Sydney Markets " they are a great source of Vitamin C, potassium, virtually no fat and supply antioxidants and fibre".
Let me know what you like to do with Cherries and what is your favourite variety? Does anyone have a yummy recipe with Cherries ?
Happy picking, eating, cooking with Cherries this festive season !
Mich xxx

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