Friday, November 27, 2009

Product Review

A friend gave me to try the most delicious chocolate treat - a dark chocolate coated goji berry. I have never tasted anything so special. This product is pictured below and can be brought in the health food section of leading supermarkets plus online; please go to Morlife website for more details about it's nutritional value and product pricing. Being introduced to the chocolate goji berry as a nutritious treat; i am now looking at other products available.

Morlife products; "Morlife prides itself on a strong commitment to developing functional foods with enhanced nutritional intake. This is a fundamental principle of Morlife’s quality system (ISO9001). By incorporating Morlife functional foods in your diet enables you to gain wellness so you can get more out of life" quote from website;

As stated on Morlife website another product worth trying would be the "Gojiantiox Antiox Instant Tea which simply dissolves in hot water, similar to the phenomenon trend of instant coffee. Not only is this convenient, consumers nutritional intake is much higher than a teabag, giving it a huge competitive advantage all round.”...says Morlife.

Morlife’s Gojiantiox Complete Wholegrain Porridge was also nominated as a finalist in the Health & Wellness category. This delicious porridge provides a comprehensive nutritional intake with the functionality on antioxidants. "....says Morlife.

A nice idea with the porridge would be to make a bircher muesli for summer breakfasts.

So, Thank you Morlife for producing quality nutritious products.
I will definitely be stocking my pantry and using your products in my recipes.

Happy Cooking and Eating Well ... Mich xxx

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