Wednesday, April 14, 2010

My Favorite Product of the Week

My absolute favorite product at the moment is my “I Love My Hair” black coconut and Tahitian vanilla conditioner. I have found myself washing my hair on an increasingly frequent basis just so that I can be enveloped in the incredible aroma! It reminds me of my beautiful spiritual mentor, lazy afternoons in Thailand and that warm cosy feeling after a day at the beach.

Apart from the smell, the philosophy of this company (owned by singer, Toni Childs) is just perfectly aligned to my own vision. They use organic ingredients, embrace the concept of ‘love thy self’ and donate 5% of net profit to women’s charities!

“It’s time to stop using products in an effort to be loved, and instead begin to use them to love ourselves...” How perfect is that statement.

Honouring ourselves as women is a tradition that has been lost to the busy, multi tasking, perfecionistic expectations that we place on ourselves. It’s time to get back to these rituals and each time I wash my hair I now take the time to stop and think about me. On my shower door is taped a piece of paper with the following written:

“If you are going to dream, dream BIG, it’s FREE!!”

Let me know your favorite ritual in which you honour yourself as a woman – let’s share them!

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