Tuesday, April 13, 2010

HypnoBirthing Makes the Media!

I have just had the most wonderful experience - a newspaper wants to feature me and HypnoBirthing! I have already been interviewed and this was one of the quotes:

What are the benefits of Hypno-birthing?

“From the statistics collected by the HypnoBirthing Institute, we know that caesarian rates are halved! 65% of HypnoBirthing women do not use any pain medication and the epidural rate is decreased by two thirds. I would say that these are very impressive statistics as in Australia we have one of the highest Caesarean rates in the world – 30.8%. That’s double the World Health Organisations recommendation of no more than 15%. In my experience HypnoBirthing promotes a rapid postnatal recovery, facilitates a beautiful bonding experience and returns birth to the natural process it is meant to be.”

HypnoBirthing is an incredible tool that I teach people and I recommend that you read more about it here if you are pregnant. Or forward this on to any pregnant friends.

I did a photo shoot this morning with the gorgeous Noah Raeburn who was such a star! He slept peacefully throughout the whole shoot and only stirred briefly with the sounds of the shutter. I want to thank Noah’s parents, Ash and Brian, for letting me come to their home and take these photos. I will let you all know when the article comes out!

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