Saturday, April 3, 2010

Hot Cross Bun

Tradition says that these sweet spiced buns were once made from leftover leavened dough used to make the christian communion wafer to which they added dried fruit and marked with a cross as a symbol of the crucifixion and only eaten on Good Friday.

Now days Hot Cross Buns are a sweet, glazed bread like bun made in many different flavours such spice, spice and fruit or chocolate and sold in most supermarkets, cafes, bakeries all over the world leading up to Easter and over the Easter Weekend. They are a delicious treat served warmed and spread with butter and are best eaten with your loved ones and a cuppa tea!

I must admit that i have been sampling Hot Cross Buns allover Sydney these past few weeks and even today i had a bun for my morning tea which i thoroughly enjoyed. However to me the most pleasurable way to enjoy a Hot Cross Bun is to make a batch of buns from scratch to share with family and friends as they visit for Easter. Find a recipe your like then create it your own maybe by adding in a little extra spice or a little more chocolate and then once you have mastered the recipe have this as your family favourite tradition to make each Easter Holidays to share with everyone.

Happy Cooking and Happy Easter!

Mich xx

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