Saturday, June 19, 2010

The way to a man's heart

OK i will admit that i have a fetish for second hand cook books and recently i was at a Antique Fair which is another passion of mine collecting "Shelley" art. Anyway, on my travels around the fair floor i discovered a seller with his mothers cook books and i couldn't resist but take one called "The way to a mans heart, The Settlement Cook Book" complied by Mrs. Simon Kander, printed in USA, 1940 and copyright The Settlement Cook book Co. Tested recipes from the Settlement Cooking Classes, The Milwaukee Public School Kitchens, The School of Trades for Girls and Experienced Housewives. In my opinion this book is completely practical with loads of helpful preparation tips and cooking techniques. I've enjoyed the past few weeks simply flicking through the pages and reading about how things were once done. In this particular book the seller's mother has circled her favourite recipes and made notes alongside a few which has given me insight into what this family was eating and what recipes worked. It has been used thoroughly and loved as i am noticing lots of food markings on the pages. As i left the seller's stand he said to me "i hope you enjoy this book and get many years out of it" and i said to him "Thank you and i'll let you know that you have given this book to a good home".

Happy Cooking! Mich

Words and Picture by Michelle Thrift copyright 2010

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