Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Day 28 of Detox - I did it!

It's been a few days since I blogged - I was birth support for my friend and we now have one more gorgeous soul in this world. It was an incredible experience for us all and bub is so beautiful!

I only just realised that today is officially my last day of detox – 4 weeks gone! I actually feel so good I may continue until the weekend, which is another 5 days. I have a dinner engagement on Saturday and I know I will have a couple of glasses of wine so detox has to end by then.

“Retoxing” must be done carefully and it is a perfect opportunity to test what foods agree with your body. So, post detox, reintroduce a new food e.g. wheat, and watch your body for 4 days. Do not introduce any other new food in this 4 day period. Look for signs such as bloating, indigestion, change in bowel habits, headaches, itchy skin or perhaps the return of symptoms that you had pre-detox and haven’t felt after week 1. Any foods that give you reactions indicated that your body does not digest them well, you may have an intolerance or simply it does not agree with you at this point in time.

If you are aiming for optimal health, not average health, then you will need to avoid these foods until after your next detox. By then, try a small portion of it and you should be fine. It really helps to keep a journal during a detox and write a summary at the end. All my patients email me food diaries on a weekly basis as well so that I can support them through any food difficulties.

The Reiki course today was fantastic – it was very practical and involved meditation style exercises which I loved. I won’t go too much into it but I have a lot of support from other realms and sometimes that is easy to tap into and other times it feels blocked. Well, today was an easy day and I could actually feel and hear the energies at play. My third eye opened and I felt an incredible vortex of energy – I do believe that humans have only just touched the surface of their energetic abilities.

I do need to remember to meditate more – I learnt transcendental meditation as a child and did this for years so I can quite easily access that serene internal space. I have been working on my spiritual path for many years and it is something that I find integral to development.

Now that detox has officially finished, let me think about how I feel. Physically, my goal was to improve my fitness and I have definitely achieved that. The regular gym sessions have me toned and feeling really strong and grounded. I actually had a BioImpedance Analysis done and compared it to my last one 14 months ago. I have lost 5cm around my waist, dropped 3kg pure fat and increased my muscle mass by 2kg! I am ecstatic about that result! I didn’t want to lose weight but I am happy to see my stats shifting to a healthier long term profile.

Mentally I feel incredible and this is what makes detox so addictive for me! I can stay up late, get up early, feel fantastic and my neurons are firing beautifully all day long without a lapse. I do believe that we don’t utilise our potential mental abilities nearly as much as we should – they say that Einstein only used 12% of his brain capacity!

Spiritually I feel very grounded and in tune with myself – my intuition is much clearer. It is like looking through a clean window as opposed to a dirty one. Always watch your dreams while detoxing as your subconscious will talk to you quite clearly through them. The more you listen to this little inner voice of wisdom the more your intuition will become clear to you.

So, I want to say thank you for walking this journey with me and keeping me company. I have loved sharing this with you and I hope that it inspires you to begin your path towards optimal health. I have given you an insight into how life looks whilst on my detox program and how I manage with food, exercise and life’s busy demands. So, now you know the easy way why don’t you go to my website, join in the fun and begin your way to better energy, brighter skin and a more youthful you!
Love Emma

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