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XYZnetworks’ LifeStyle YOU today announced that it has commissioned Southern Star Entertainment to produce an Australian series of the Cineflix International format, EAT YOURSELF SEXY. Inspiring and uplifting, EAT YOURSELF SEXY encourages women to take control of their lives and get back on the road to loving themselves.

“LifeStyle YOU prides itself on knowing Australian women. Our viewers contact us all the time with requests for makeovers, diet and exercise plans and relationship advice. When we found this show we knew it was perfect for LifeStyle YOU as it covers the gamut and the goal of what Australian women want to be – healthy, happy and sexy,” said Nicole Sheffield, General Manager, LifeStyle Channels. “Eat Yourself Sexy crosses genres with diet and fitness advice along with makeover tips and is about the realistic makeover to get Australian women feeling sexy again.”

EAT YOURSELF SEXY follows the stories of eight women, one per episode, as they transform their bodies and find the power to reignite their relationships with the help of a team of experts. From the salad dodging housewife whose libido has gone missing to the frantic mum-of-three who never has time for herself, this series will help Australian women lose weight, regain health and reclaim their long-lost mojo once and for all.

Hosting the Australian series and guiding these women along their life changing journey is LifeStyle YOU presenter Sarah Wilson. Sarah knows it’s possible to eat yourself sexy and she is going to prove it. Along with expert nutritionist Emma Sutherland and trainer Blake Worrall-Thompson, they are on a quest to transform these women from saggy and stressed-out, to sexy and stunning in just eight short weeks.

"The premise of Eat Yourself Sexy is so refreshing. The series is about changing your eating patterns to not just lose weight, but feel better about yourself and regain confidence, energy and sexual spark. I think Australians will learn a lot from this show... it goes into the kitchens and bedrooms of everyday women and holds a mirror up to our habits,” said Sarah Wilson.
EAT YOURSELF SEXY follows the Cineflix International format of the series, which sees international nutrition sensation Gillian McKeith use her no nonsense, tough love approach to get women back into shape.

Southern Star Entertainment will produce the eight-part one hour series for LifeStyle YOU which is currently in production. EAT YOURSELF SEXY is set to premiere mid 2011.
“Eight Australian women with very relatable food issues fess up about wanting to get their health on track and find a new sense of body confidence. What they learn and how they change is deeply inspiring,” said Courtney Gibson, Director of Programmes at Southern Star Entertainment.

LifeStyle YOU is available on FOXTEL and AUSTAR.

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